Big Breeze on the South Shore

These were taken I think in September 1999, during a pretty nasty storm 
on the south shore of Long Island, New York. The average breeze was about
35-45 knots a little higher in the puffs. The breeze was an easterly allowing 
these guys to reach straight out from the beach and back very very fast.
I shot these photos with my Nikon N70 with a 70/300 zoom lens using
Fuji film. The only thing I really needed was a tripod. It was so hard to keep 
the camera stable during shooting because of the breeze. I had the camera 
setup in autofocus mode with manual shutterspeed. I had to crank up the shutter
speed in order to get these shots. I really gave my Epson 610 scanner a 
workout to get some of these shots blown up, the scanner is only 600dpi. 
It took alot of work in Photoshop to get them to look OK. 

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Keneth J Nevor 2000

last update march 2000